In an exclusive setting in Switzerland, our Center for Aesthetic & Regenerative Medicine, directed by Dr. Sophie Menkes, brings together a team of comprehensive specialists trained in the latest Aesthetic & Regenerative Medicine techniques for the face, body, intimacy and hair. Dr. Sophie Menkes is an expert in nanofat, microfat grafting and PRP treatment (Platelet-Rich Plasma). These methods come from the innovative field of regenerative medicine.

Our services include:

› Aesthetic consultations

› Aesthetic and regenerative gynecology

› Hair consultation

› Autologous Fat & Stem Cells Injections – PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) & Microfat/Nanofat Grafting

› Injections of hyaluronic acid/botulinum toxin (botox)

› PRP injections (Platelet Rich Plasma)

› Mesotherapy & Microneedling

› Laser treatments (Radiofrequency, Focused Ultrasound, Infrared, Onda “cool waves” microwaves)

› Medical peels

› Hair Implants