Advanced Women Plus Program

This check-up includes coronary and cerebral artery imaging, a stress test, a thorough gynecological examination and a breast ultrasound. The medical program of this check-up was designed to prevent and screen for arterial pathologies in patients from the age of 40 and/or presenting personal or family cardiovascular risk factors.

Medical consultations

› Initial: medical history and complete clinical examination

› Gynecological examination (PAP smear & endovaginal ultrasound)

› Final: oral presentation of the first results, diagnosis, medical advice (prevention and treatment)

› Full written report (sent by express courier within 3 weeks of check-up)

Laboratory analyzes including more than 30 assays

› Classic biomarkers

› Metabolic markers

› Cardiovascular risk markers

› Tumor markers

› Hormone assays

› Vitamin dosages

› Hepatitis & HIV screening

› Urinalysis 

Imaging & radiology

› Thoraco-abdomino-pelvic CT-scan

› Coronary calcium score

› Angio-CT of the coronary arteries

› Angio-CT of supra-aortic arterial trunks

› Breast ultrasound


› Resting ECG and stress test

› Echocardiography