Woman Plus Essential Program

The medical program for this check-up was designed to identify risk factors and detect latent diseases early in patients from the age of 30. It was completed to screen for gynecological risks in women from the age of 30.

Medical consultations

› Initial: medical history and complete clinical examination

› Gynecological examination (cervico-uterine smear & endovaginal ultrasound)

› Final: oral presentation of the first results, diagnosis, medical advice (prevention and treatment)

› Full written report (sent by express courier within 3 weeks of check-up)

Laboratory analyzes including more than 20 assays

› Classic biomarkers

› Metabolic markers

› Cardiovascular risk markers

› Tumor markers

› Hormone assays

› Hepatitis & HIV screening

› Urinalysis

Imaging & radiology

› Non-injected chest CT-scan

› Abdominal and pelvic echography


› ECG at rest

› Echocardiography