Excellence Women Plus Program

The program features an in-depth examination of the body thanks to an MRI-scan with direct coronary, pre-cerebral and cerebral arteries visualization as well as bone assessment. The medical characteristic of this check-up was designed to prevent the onset of chronic diseases and their complications, and specifically those related to advancing age (neurodegenerative diseases, cancer, osteoporosis, osteoarthritis, etc.) in patients from the age of 50. This program also includes breast and gynecological risk screening.

Medical consultations

› Initial: medical history and complete clinical examination

› Gynecological examination (PAP smear, endovaginal ultrasound)

› Final: oral presentation of the first results, diagnosis, medical advice (prevention and treatment)

› Full written report (sent by express courier within 3 weeks of check-up)

Laboratory analyzes including more than 40 assays

› Classic biomarkers

› Metabolic markers

› Bone metabolism markers

› Cardiovascular risk markers

› Tumor markers

› Hormone assays

› Vitamin dosages

› Hepatitis & HIV screening

› Urinalysis

Imaging & radiology

› Cerebral angio-MRI

› Thoraco-abdomino-pelvic CT-scan

› Coronary calcium score

› Angio-CT of the coronary arteries

› Angio-CT of the supra-aortic arterial trunk

› Bilateral mammogram

› Breast ultrasound

› Thyroid ultrasound

› Bone densitometry & body composition


› Resting ECG and stress test

› Echocardiography