Programme Excellence Women Plus
Medical consultations
  1. Initial: medical history and complete clinical examination
  2. Gynecological examination (including endovaginal ultrasound & Pap smear)
  3. Final: presentation of the first diagnostic results, medical recommendations (prevention and treatment)
  4. Complete written report (sent by express mail within 3 weeks after the Check-up)
Laboratory analyses including over 40 markers
  1. Standard biological markers
  2. Metabolic markers
  3. Bone metabolic markers
  4. Cardiovascular risk markers
  5. Tumor markers
  6. Hormone assays
  7. Vitamin assays
  8. Urinalysis (sediment, total proteins, microalbumin)
Medical Imaging & Radiology
  1. Cerebral angio-MRI
  2. CT-scan (chest, abdomen & pelvis)
  3. Coronary calcium scoring
  4. Angio-CT of the coronary arteries
  5. Angio-CT of the supra-aortic arteries
  6. Bone mineral density & body composition measurement
  7. Endo-vaginal ultrasound examination
  8. Breast ultrasound examination
  9. Mammogram
  10. Thyroid ultrasound examination


Resting and exercise ECG