When you enter the cryotherapy chamber, your whole body is immersed in a very cold environment between -120°C and -140°C. Exposure to extreme cold stimulates cellular repair mechanisms through thermal shock and the subsequent activation of chain reactions. This method is part of the therapeutic reinforcement by hormesis processes (favorable biological response to controlled and acute stress), just like intermittent fasting or high-intensity physical activity.

Cryotherapy stimulates cutaneous thermoreceptors and stimulates norepinephrine and endorphin secretions as well as bringing on significant cutaneous vasoconstriction. The latter slows down nerve conduction and has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects.

Key benefits

› Improved immune system function
› Reduced pain and inflammation
› Decreased anxiety and depression, improved mood
› Enhanced physical and mental recovery
› Optimized metabolism (detox, weight regulation)
› Better sleep quality