Intermittent Hypoxic Training

Intermittent hypoxic training, also known as altitude training involves exercising and breathing oxygen-deficient air. This physical effort challenges the human body. Consequently, it provokes numerous beneficial physiological reactions including capillarization that stimulates improved oxygen distribution to tissues, muscles and the brain. Altitude training consists of short intermittent inhalations (3-5 minutes) of hypoxic air (9-16% O2, simulating an altitude level of 21000ft/6400m) interspersed with inhalations of ambient air (2-5 minutes).

Key benefits

› Improved endurance and recovery
› Decreased muscle fatigue
› Reduced altitude sickness symptoms
› Cellular rejuvenation and decelerated aging
› Increased energy production and fat metabolism
› Improved blood circulation
› Decreased blood pressure and heart rate