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Nescens Experts
Professor Jacques Proust

Medical Director of the Center for Preventive & Diagnostic Medicine and Scientific Director of the Nescens brand

A pioneer in the field of the biology of aging and anti-aging medicine, Professor Proust created more than 20 years ago the Center for the Prevention of Aging in Genolier -birthplace of the Nescens brand and clinic.
Providing patients with the latest scientific advances related to the prevention and treatment of pathophysiological manifestations associated with advancing age is his established goal.

Dr Martin Zarate

Deputy Director of Clinique Nescens’ Preventive Medicine Center

An expert in general internal medicine, geriatrics and gerontology, Dr. Zarate is distinguished by his advanced specialization in the Biology of Aging. As assistant to the Center for Preventive Medicine, he is committed to making the latest scientific advances in prevention available to his patients. His area of expertise focuses on programs for aging well, including preventive actions, lifestyle interventions, as well as wellness and quality of life programs. Thanks to his in-depth expertise, he actively contributes to improving the quality of life of individuals throughout their life course.

Dr Michael Gaille

Health programmes expert

Dr. Gaille has always been passionate about sport and nutrition. His research led him to discover the benefits that nutrition can have on health and disease prevention. He went on to specialize in preventive and anti-aging medicine.

Dr Adeline Richard

Health programmes expert

A graduate in dental surgery and a specialist in functional medicine and longevity, Doctor Adeline Richard is passionate about optimizing health and reinforces our expertise as medical manager of the Reset Cure.

Dr Sophie Menkes

Medical Director of the Center for Aesthetic & Regenerative Medicine

Dr. Sophie Menkes holds degrees in internal medicine, aesthetic medicine, and functional and aesthetic gynecology. She excels as a specialist in regenerative medicine, particularly in nanofat and microfat grafting techniques, as well as PRP and Exosome treatments, which she pioneered. Passionate about her profession, she has established herself as an expert through numerous publications. Medical Director of Clinique Nescens since 2021, she also shares her expertise internationally as a lecturer, trainer and university professor. Dr. Sophie Menkes is constantly committed to advancing the field of aesthetic and regenerative medicine through numerous clinical studies. She is also a founding member and president of international associations.

Dr Mickaël Poiraud

Doctor specialized in Aesthetic Medicine

Dr. Poiraud is trained in the latest techniques and procedures in aesthetic medicine for men and women, and brings his innovative vision to reinforce the medical team of the Center for Aesthetic and Regenerative Medicine.

Dr Konstantinos Vakalopoulos

Doctor specialized in Hand surgery and aesthetic

A specialist in hand & peripheral nerve surgery, trained in aesthetic and regenerative medicine and associated with Clinique Nescens’ Center for Regenerative and Aesthetic Medicine, Dr. Vakalopoulos performs hand rejuvenation, restoring volume and enhancing skin quality over the long term.

Dr Pierre Bonetti

Doctor specialized in Aesthetic Medicine

Dr. Pierre Bonetti, passionate about well-being and beauty, specializes in various aesthetic treatments such as botox/hyaluronic acid injections, lasers, hair transplants and regenerative medicine. He has practiced as a referral doctor, but also as an international trainer in various injection techniques and cosmeceuticals. He embodies the fundamental values that guide his medical approach: safety, scientific research, excellence and patient satisfaction.

Dr. Christophe Camus

Specialist Ortho-Posturologist at Clinique Nescens

A graduate in ortho-posturology, osteo-odontology and human biology with training in hyonosis, Dr. Christophe Camus joins the Nescens medical team to bring his expertise to the clinic. As part of our Better-aging approach, Dr. Camus offers an aesthetic but above all technical approach to correcting teeth, working on the nerves and resolving body problems.

Dr. Philippe Tournesac

Microbiota specialist at Clinique Nescens

A graduate of the École Française of acupuncture, the Interuniversity of Manual Medicine Osteopathy and in predictive medicine, Dr. Tournesac is a specialist in primary and secondary prevention for various diseases. He is also recognized for his expertise in neuro-functional pathologies (fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, environmental hypersensitivity, irritable bowel). Thanks to his training in general medicine, acupuncture, osteopathy, predictive medicine and individualized preventive biology, Dr. Tournesac is one of the pioneers of integrative medicine.

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