Adding life-to-life

The Nescens brand mission is to offer a global and medically founded response, to maintain good health, age well and preserve future quality of life.

Clinique Nescens philosophy

At Clinique Nescens, medicine is at the service of well-being.

In a unique setting near Geneva, in Switzerland, our services include consultations and medical assessments (Check-ups), personalized Cure stays combining detox, weight loss and revitalization programs as well as aesthetic and regenerative medicine treatments.

We believe we can make lasting changes to the lifestyles of our patients, in a welcoming, restful and luxurious environment, where patient well-being is a major concern.

Through our products and programs, we seek to minimize the visible signs of the aging process, while guaranteeing optimal well-being that is so essential to enjoying good life quality and prolonged health.
Our history

The creation of the Nescens brand was born from the findings of Professor Jacques Proust. Passionate about the biology of aging, Professor Proust specialized in this medical field alongside anti-aging medicine. Today, he is the medical director of the Center for Preventive & Diagnostic Medicine at Clinique Nescens. He is also the Nescens brand scientific director.

The Nescens name and DNA derive from two French words “naissance”, “renaissance” meaning birth, rebirth and the word senescence, the biological aging process.

Aging well and in good health or adding life-to-life, is the Nescens brand commitment.

Nescens brand

Today, the Nescens brand includes Clinique Nescens, anti-aging cosmeceuticals, as well as Nescens Spas.

At the crossroads of cosmetics and pharmaceuticals, Nescens cosmeceuticals unveil a range of anti-aging skincare products highly concentrated in active agents for premium efficiency. Under the leadership of Professor Jacques Proust, a doctor specializing in the biology of aging and anti-aging medicine, the innovative formulas proudly claim their Swiss origin, under the Swisscos label, whose research and development are carried out within Clinique Nescens in Genolier.

Our 3 areas of excellence
Preventive Medicine

Think about your future!

Medical assessments (Check-up) specially designed by Professor Proust to detect certain latent diseases and to treat them early, to age in good health.

Cure Reset

Reboot, Regenerate and Rebirth

Entirely tailor-made to meet your needs, this program is designed to revitalize and give you the keys to optimize your health, well-being and physical performance.

Aesthetic and Regenerative Medicine

Think about your youthfulness!

Our specialists, under the direction of Dr. Sophie Menkes, offer you made-to-measure treatments, resulting from the latest innovations in Aesthetic and Regenerative medicine.

Our expertise
Preventive & Diagnostic Medicine

A Nescens check-up can detect certain illnesses, even for those with symptoms that have not yet manifested, in order to treat them with maximum efficiency.

Aesthetic and Regenerative Medicine

In an exclusive setting in Switzerland, our Centre for Aesthetic and Regenerative Medicine, directed by Dr. Sophie Menkes, brings together a team of specialists trained in the latest techniques in aesthetic medicine for the face, body, hair and intimate body parts.

Cure Reset

Inspired by the latest research into health optimization, La Cure Reset combines detox, weight loss and revitalization.

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