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New cure Nescens

Cure reset
7 days
CHF 5’900.-
(price without accommodation)

Cure Reset

Inspired by the latest research into health optimisation, this Nescens programme combines detox, weight loss and revitalisation. This is an exclusive concept proposed by Nescens is based on unique medical knowledge, and will allow you to reset your lifestyle in order to achieve lasting change.

Program Steps
Nescens bioindividuality assessment

› 2 medical consultations (on arrival and departure)

› 1 nutritional consultation

› 1 osteo-articular consultation

› 1 aesthetic consultation

› Laboratory analyses

› Personalised nutritional plan based on the health assessment


› 3 Signature massages

› 3 pressotherapy sessions

› 2 cryotherapy sessions

› 1 hyperbaric chamber session

› 2 intermittent hypoxic training sessions

› 6 hybrid energy revitalisation platform sessions (earthing, light therapy, electromagnetic waves and vibrations)

Mind & Body Activities

› 3 personal coaching sessions focusing on strength, endurance, core building, flexibility and mobility

› 2 outdoors activity sessions (group session)

› 3 yoga and meditation classes (group session)

› 1 breathing techniques class (group session)

› 7 relaxation sessions using specialised autonomous technology (acoustic therapy, luminotherapy, vibrations)

Recommended treatments (based on medical advice):

› Epigenetic testings and biological age

› Genetic testings

› Intestinal microbiota analysis

› Body composition and densitometry (DEXA)

› Colonic irrigation

› Ozone therapy

› Lymphatic drainage

  • 01

    Thorough purification of the body

  • 02

    Healthy and lasting weight management

  • 03

    Improved quality of life

  • 04

    Regaining physical and mental energy

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