Cure Reset Nescens
Detox, weight loss or weight control and revitalization
Cure reset
7 days
from 9'900 CHF
(All inclusive)

Reset Cure

Optimizing your health to make it an art-de-vivre is at the heart of our concerns. Detox, weight control and revitalization are the common themes of La Cure Reset.

Only available at Clinique Nescens in Switzerland, La Cure Reset is an exclusive and bespoke program combining unique medical know-how, several years of longevity research, high-tech treatments and therapies as well as sports and dietary monitoring to reset your lifestyle for lasting change.

Spread over 7 days, this treatment program will allow you to revitalize, relax and learn the keys to aging beautifully and in good health. A life-changing week.

Program steps
BioIndividuality Report

› medical consultations (on arrival and departure)

› nutritional consultation

› osteo-articular assessment

› Aesthetic & Regenerative Medicine consultation

› Laboratory analyzes

› Nutrition plan based on assessment results


› Signature massage

› facial treatment

› cryotherapy session

› hyperbaric chamber session

› infrared dome session

› energy treatments by exposure to pulsed electromagnetic waves

Body & Mind activities

› individual coaching sessions: strength, endurance, muscle sheathing, flexibility and mobility

› outdoor activity sessions (group)

› yoga and meditation classes (group)

› breathing techniques session (group)

› relaxation sessions using specific technologies (acoustic therapy, light therapy

and sensory vibrations)

› sensory deprivation session (REST, Restricted Environmental Stimulation Therapy)

› cold bath

› infrared sauna

Complementary treatments (according to medical opinion)

› Epigenetic assessment and biological age

› Genetic assessments

› Gut microbiota analysis

› Body composition and densitometry (DEXA)

› Ozone therapy

› Lymphatic drainage

Program Objectives
  • 01

    Detoxification of the body

  • 02

    Weight control and loss

  • 03

    Body and soul revitalization

  • 04

    Lasting quality of life improvement

Our commitments
An innovative medical vision

Drawing on research and medical experience, our doctors apply their knowledge and best practices to make health optimization a lifestyle.

A bespoke program and made-to-measure health coaching

This flexible program is based on your entry health check-up and takes into account your personal objectives: fitness, weight loss, detox, physical or intellectual performance improvement or simply taking a break in an environment conducive to well-being and relaxation. The Cure treatment gives you the keys to your health, thanks to a state-of-the-art monitoring system and easily applicable daily lifestyle routines.

Technologies at the forefront of innovation

La Cure Reset offers you avant-garde therapies resulting from the latest scientific advances and researches in terms of prevention and health and performance optimization. Fast and lasting results for improved longevity.

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