This bodysuit combines two simultaneous actions: the diffusion of a low-frequency alternating BioEnergetic field along with controlled cutaneous micro pressure.

Micro pressure carried out by alternating compression and decompression targets restoring good blood and lymphatic circulation as well as relieving heavy leg syndrome symptoms. It also efficiently combats cellulite, thanks to a lymphatic drainage effect.

The totally harmless BioMagnetic fields provoke muscle contractions like those resulting from sustained physical exercise. This increases lipase (HSL) activity and promotes intramuscular triglycerides hydrolysis which eliminates toxins and metabolic waste.

The treatment provides long-lasting results without side effects or metabolic constraints, while respecting the body’s natural biological processes. On average, it is possible to lose 6cm at the waistline.


› Lymphatic drainage effect
› Reduction of visceral and abdominal fat